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Who We Are 
Xtreme Dietary Fitness is a professional health, fitness, and nutritional company which has successfully devoted over 18 years of services that assist clients toward achieving results beyond their goals.  Here at XDF, we value lives and firmly believe that hard work, dedication and consistency is what ultimately produces change.  With our all natural approach, our mission is to guide clients with genuine and rigorous fitness strategies and proper nutritional principles.  Over a short period of time, our clients will learn how foods and a regularly incorporated exercise regime can heal their bodies, sharpen their minds & powerfully work in their favor.  These tools will enable them to become more conscious on how to lead and sustain healthier lifestyles.

What We Do
Our system and values are based on the belief that our clients' needs and goals are of utmost importance.  With respect to the differences of each individual, XDF takes time to effectively listen and personalize plans which empowers clients to meet their specific needs.  We strive to develop professional and personal relationships with our clients as our empathetic connection greatly assists us in determining the best scientific strategies for their life-changing journey.  
XDF does not and will never support or promote the use and of any legal or illegal drug, which includes hormones, chemicals, substances or any alleged 'natural' enhancers.  Our techniques are pure, traditional, and always safe.  We believe in the body's natural abilities and supplements for overall health benefits.  XDF is committed towards excellence, satisfaction and genuinely care for client safety and development.  Let us renew, restore and reprogram your lifestyle 

Why Choose XDF    
For nearly 3 decades, I have been competitively active with sports, fitness & nutrition. I have learned despite encountering setbacks, to always believe in myself, keep my eye on the goal, stay strong, have faith and to never give up.  I used my past as a tool to develop a strategic plan on how to reset my mind, body and to move forward.  I knew in order to be the best at what I do, I realized I had to regroup, go back to my roots, put in the required time and work.  It is never too late to feel, look and be great! Direction is key, let me show you the way.
Know that you are not alone.  Like you, I have been in your shoes and am a real person who care about your success.  With XDF's leadership and your work ethic, we can make your long overdue dreams of having a full body and mind transformation a reality.  If you are determined and ready to makes this happen, I encourage you to begin this rewarding journey and let us help save your life. Let's get started. Contact me now so we can 'change that body' together!


    Mercedes A. Kinner, M.P.A.
                 Owner,  Xtreme Dietary Fitness                                            

"If you have the courage to envision it and dream about it, then you shall have the power to claim it and make it your reality!"  - MAK